I am not sure if the containers in my game are functioning as designed or are bugged. So, could someone please assist with what they are suppose to do?

I am aware that they do not show up on the mini map as chests, supply and booster boxes do.
They cannot be interacted with like the above, having to be targeted and destroyed.
When destroyed they explode, sometimes causing an affect such as slowed, but do not seem to do any damage.
I am unsure if they are suppose to 'drop' anything and, if so whether this is chance or guaranteed.


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7 years 69 days ago

those red and blue things marked "container"? they are just explosive terrain objects to help the player kill mobs.

7 years 69 days ago

If your doing the mission where you have to recover  caches  from the  chests  then i see your confusion.  There are  dummy  chests  with  bombs in those missions.  If you see a  pink haze  around the chest it will probably explode to be ready to move.  There   always is enough chests  t complete your mission that  are real but the question i don't know is if there is a exact number or more than you need  just in case  of a bug.  Like one time i had a chest that was  down on of those shafts in the middle of the map tiles where it could not be reached. So they can spawn out of range sometimes. 

7 years 69 days ago

Thank you both, for the replies, both very useful.

7 years 69 days ago

Any time.  Hope that helped  =)