Container explosion


Crashed when I stood next to a container, shot it and it sounded like it played a explosion sound but then the screen froze and cannot move my character and did not see an animation of the explosion. The in game music is still playing and everything is just stuck. I can still move my mouse though.

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Container explosion
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7 years 131 days ago
Valkyrie Neocore
it happened when I was in full screen mode 1920 x 1080 res to 1 specific container that is in the port: Aria, Ordo mission. where there was a curved section (sorry I never took a screen shot) but since I have been playing in Windowed mode. I find everything runs smooth and no crashes. Also one other thing is when I was on Full screen and I tried to tab out to my 2nd monitor it would crash the game. to the point I could not open task manager to shut it down so I had to restart my PC just to play or do anything again.
7 years 131 days ago
And it happened with a specific container or with each one?