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I understand we are waiting on “Sony” to give the all clear and green light for the DLC and update.

I extremely enjoy the game but have just wanted to try the new sisters class since its release and it seems other than the great team on here there is radio silence everywhere else.

there’s zero posts anywhere other than reply comments on forums else even referencing a new season for console.

I understand you don’t fully know the date yourselves but surely an estimate of some kind has to of been given, if not I apologise for assuming even if we could get an estimate of it may arrive next month it would be great. Anything other than just “soon” please. Apologies if this came across aggressive honestly don’t mean it that way as I know ye are just passing on messages. 

Appreciate whoever reads thank you!

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Console Seasons
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98 days ago

one of the best is ps4

304 days ago
It's different stages of the process. Sony greenlit it.
305 days ago

I’m a bit confused if I am honest there was a comment I believe in the announcement of the Sororitas dlc forum, blaming Sony holding back the release of the DLC as they have not given the green light. But now it is NACON?

I understand I may be over simplifying this but on the consumer side it seems like ye have abandoned the console port especially with no mention of our season end or anything about our new season. Love the game but the lack of communication about content and lack of even a solid time frame.

can we even get an idea of what updates you have going live and bug fixes surely ye can give a bit of insight to patch notes even? 

305 days ago

No I quite understand your frustration. Unfortunately I have to let you down still. You'll find out first through the publisher of the game though, NACON. It's ultimately up to them when they will release the DLC. Have a good one and hang tight!