Console release - US? - ps4 store?


Excited for this game on console. Not alot of specifics though. 

Does the Aug 23 release include the US?

Will it be on the playstation store? Its not now and we are mere weeks away.

Thanks for any info :)

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Console release - US? - ps4 store?
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3 years 300 days ago
So we still cant get a confirmation if the US is getting a console release??
3 years 301 days ago
Game UK says 24/08 at the minute and we have not been able to pre-order disks from Games for ages

Great if it does launch on that day but going off the past two delays i'm not expecting it too, that way it'll be a nice surprise if it does happen, but... well we will see 

3 years 301 days ago

My local gamestop said the console date changed to Dec 2018? Guessing there is no firm release date?