Console release patch 2.0 when?


Is there really no release window for when 2.0 and prophet comes to console, I find it lazy to not come up with a better excuse than late autumn. When similar developers like Digital Extremes (warframe) and Behavior Interactive (dead by daylight) usually comes with a release window for console when they release stuff for pc. And the content usually releases within a month tops 2 months. The way I see the interaction from developers when it comes to console content for the game, is a way to drive away its players and killing the expectations and excitement the players has for the content. And if they try to release the content in late September - November most players would probably by that time play one of the many other games that comes in autumn and most likely drive the players to play something else 

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Console release patch 2.0 when?
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4 years 352 days ago

I agree with you. 

There are big games like borderlands 3 that will be released soon. If neocore does not do anything to the community they are going to disappea