connection problem


I have a weird problem since yesterday it say that I not can connect to the server and I don't know why always it says something whend wrong

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connection problem
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32 days ago


we just released a small update on Steam. Please check if after downloading it you can run the game without any further problem and inform us if you still cannot connect to the servers.
We would like to thank your patience in the last few days and would like to apologize for the problem you encountered.
The Skull event will likely to be extended due to the problem over the weekend but this is not yet certain

33 days ago

Szevasztok, nem tudok csatlakozni, bejelentkezésnél megáll a történet.  Van valami info javításról?

I can't join, login failed, re login, failed.

33 days ago
same problem, sometimes i can connect, but i cant start the missions, or do something else