Concerning character backstory/progression/legacy


I would like to present a few ideas regarding your character and preserving the overall total progress for them.

In the now dead MMO game Warhammer online there was an item known as the "Tome of lore". It was quite large in

the subjects it covered and while it was a great idea i personally found it to be lacking in areas where it could

have been amazing.

1. Overall totals for monster kills - I love games that keep track of this. It may not matter if i have exterminated

                                                             1000 of any random alien in whatever game i am playing, but boy does it feel

                                                             nice when your sitting around having a slice of pizza or whatever and you want

                                                             to brag about something to your friends.

The specific reason i mention this is because i am sure it is very easy for a game engine to track one single #

with no variables. And yes i fully understand the dilemma of limited time/resources/funds etc for development. It

however would be awesome if we could get individual totals tracked for all the various mobs we kill at least in

groupings if not further sub grouping.

2. Character legacy - Making out a will/inheritance -

                                                              One of my personal favorites for continuity was this. A long time

                                                              ago, a pen and paper RPG i played in our GM allowed us to write

                                                              a name onto the back of our character sheets in the always eventual

                                                              deaths of our current adventurers. I would love to see a "Family tree"

                                                              in effect that keeps track of every single character you create and

                                                              delete. I am sure that some of these "trees" after a few years of

                                                              playing would become ridiculous in the extreme of direction etc.

                                                              This would be something VERY different from anything any game has done

                                                              so far that i am aware of. The tree would not even need to be detailed

                                                              beyond listing the name and the line tracing it to the next one, you

                                                              could have it shift direction for a different class chosen per each name

                                                              or something along those lines.

3. Backstory - Hated adversary/family enemy - I have never been very big on having a backstory for a character because i; like

                                                             others want to get into the action of killing for the emperor. My suggestion here

                                                             is to maybe allow a choice in character selection for a hated enemy type I.E. I

                                                             personally have a hard time picking one single faction in Warhammer to loathe

                                                             above all others. The result of picking a hated faction type would be to maybe

                                                             allow a unique line of "titles" for your character to obtain, exclusive to that

                                                             pursuit of vendetta against them. I am not suggesting any item rewards, but maybe

                                                             if you kill one million orcs a "quest" of unique significance and "potential" reward

                                                             would not be out of reason.                                

P.S. Regardless of anything else i am inspired with a great hope for this game thus far, for the transparency and discussions i have witnessed on these forums and the discord.

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Concerning character backstory/progression/legacy
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6 years 131 days ago
Very nice write-up and ideas, thanks for posting this!

I mostly agree, I do love games tracking total kills along with similar stuff as well. 

Also, hopefully the story will encompass some character lore as well - nevertheless, I have added your ideas to our Feedback section - let's see what happens :)