Comparing Melee to Ranged combat - Rant video


Here is a hearty rant about the current state of melee vs ranged combat and the why's and the how's as to the melee feeling weak and lackluster in comparison. Bare in mind i'm making a comparison between the two, obviously melee can feel insanely strong by the time you collect a few levels and some gear, but when going on those 4 man tarrot missions you start to realise the differences are fairly pronounced between the two combat styles.

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Comparing Melee to Ranged combat - Rant video
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7 years 29 days ago
Appreciate the feedback! Keep it up! 
7 years 31 days ago

More mitigation for armor on melee characters. Or, more area debuff skills to reduce incoming damage.

Combined with ranged enemies doing less damage when they are engaged on hand to hand combat.(Aiming and shooting some1 who is atacking you with a knife is harder.)