Hi There and at first, again sorry for the bad English!

I write about it in another discusion and i think it is worth enough for his oun discussion:


I mostly play alone games because I have all the day long people around me. And in my free time I like it to do so.

There is than the problem when I play a psyker, or ranged char ihave no tank around me that help me out to play my role in a good way. And there is the point where komes the companion in the game!

That is my first idea for the game:

Where become I an companion?

  • At the end of an investigation (maybe like a veteran from the imperial arme, that we must help on a revenge and in the end he will fight for us).
  • In campain missions
  • From event missions
  • In a Companion side quest
  • Its my one choice to say “yes be my tool of the inquisoition!” or “no, iam an inquisitor who works alone!”
  • I can every time change my mind to get them in my party

The Role of the Companion:

-highly specialised in one(!) skil, like a tank, ranged fighter, healing ect! (with that I have the options to have many different companions and I can use the variety of the empire)

-they can use turrets

-when I drive a tank he will make the gunner

The balancing:

  • Strong enough to have a worth in my missions (not like in diablo 3), but of course not so strong like another player.
  • One perk for my inquisitor that give me an bonus when I work complet alone (iam the will and the hand of the emperor and no one else!)
  • One perk for my inquisitor when I work with companions (I will have my minnion army!)
  • One perk for my inquisitor when I work with other player (what is better than one inquisitor? Right many of them!)
  • The companion will disable when I play with other player

Possible Companions:

  • An imperial veteran With HELL Laser for ranged DPS
  • An Grey Knight or/and the stormwatcher marine for close combat tank
  • Adeptus sororitas for healing companion
  • Deathwatch space marine for ranged tank
  • Mercenary for CC
  • An Commissar, that say how mutch cool iam, to make my suppression high
  • A Priest for buffing / drop chance
  • Pariah: Debuffing
  • Many more


  • A companion will like you more or leave you in the choices you made
  • A companion will be more effective when he/she likes you
  • For every way (radical/Puritan) we have one companion with tank/healing/ranged ect. skill
  • All the companions must be have a place on your ship! More rooms in the ship a mess, barraks, chapel
  • Option to have more of one companion in missions, with a pannalty of your damage and the taken damage

That is my idea for companions.

I make this thread for brainstorming, for your opinions and ideas.

Maybe you have a complete different view for an companion system, Or have additions to my idea. Than feel free to write it down!

Or you like it! Than write it or give it a thumb up! And when don’t, than don’t.

At last is that an inspiration for the neocore team.

Your Van Bolt Thrower

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6 years 53 days ago
Yeah i think to that there is no time to implimitate it. but they will bring more kontent in the future, and maybe companions too^^

btw i played van helsing too and kattarina is en great option. true :)

6 years 54 days ago
I think a companion system is a great idea, but I do not think there is time to implement it before release. That is a lot of content to add. But here are my thoughts-

I played, and actually am currently playing, Van Helsing 3. I love Katarina, and I think the system is great aside from having to equip her with stuff. I think that damage, defense, etc., should just scale with their level. I do like being able to choose her skills, because it allows me to tailor her playstyle to mine. I also really like the perk system in that series, that gives me passives I can use to buff her to make her more powerful if I choose(I do). 

If they implemented a companion system just like that into Inquisitor, but without having to keep track of a second inventory, I think it would be amazing. I do not mind that I only have her as a companion and cannot choose any other active companions(to my knowledge), because they made her interact with Van Helsing, she really has a role in the game and in the story and the game would be lacking without her, now that I have had her. The ither thing they did that made me okay with only having one permanent companion is her skills. They did different trees, with different focuses, so you can really tailor her in a very complementary way to your character. Rather than needing to keep track of 7 different companions, I just have the one, albeit one with a myriad of skills.

If they implement a companion system, they need to do it that way, I think. They need to make you feel like your companion is really there, not just some passive character that does stuff but never says anything and is just kind of there. 

I guess I want a companion I value and interact with, not minions that are just there filling space.