Como Skills and Death Cult Combo skills


One of the options in the Astartes Combat Training tree is a 5% bonus to critical hit chance when using combo skills, does this also apply to the new Death Cult Combo Skills?

Cheers. :)

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Como Skills and Death Cult Combo skills
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7 years 74 days ago

It does mention the word "skills" after combo in the text, so it is possible it is meant to encompass multiple types of combo skills. Otherwise it would say "the combo skill" rather than "combo skills".

or is that too pedantic?

7 years 74 days ago

Normaly the weapon has flavor text and the pop out is the type of skill it is

such as traumatize, the pop out tells u what it is.

Maybe the pop out for deathcult combo should be Combo: increases attack speed and critical chance for each consecutive hit.

or w/e it does

7 years 74 days ago

that being said however, one is called combo, and the other is called deathcult combo, so rules as written i would say no. i too would like some clarification

7 years 74 days ago

yeah a crusader is not an Astartes either so i don't see why it would be specific to them.

7 years 74 days ago
Grey Knight

Fair enough, in simple terms I think it goes without question that it would be the case because the skill trees are not class specific. I'll be playing soon and able to test it if we haven't had a response. 

7 years 74 days ago

Airsick, thank you for your reply. However, allow me to set it out in more simple terms.

I am aware of the skills and hence the question because we now have both Combo and Death Cult Combo.

The Astartes Combat Training tree was around before the Assassin was introduced to us, thus I was seeking an answer from someone who would know, i.e. one of the Devs.

7 years 74 days ago

I believe some melee weapon have "combo" as one of thier effects when mousing over the ability. I'd presume its just these but I can't remember if the death blades state themselves have this specific weapon / ability effect.