Community (forum) Issues


I have already managed to break the new community forum ^_^ 

1) The next post button above comments interferes with other buttons on the side. This is 1680x1050 resolution (16:10) if it has anything to do with it.

2) If you want to post someting LONG into a comment, for example the ASCII facepalm picture, it enlarges the editbox, but you cannot scroll the editbox down, so you cannot see the rest of what you want to post. I managed to scroll the editbox down with arrowkeys, but it makes the other elements disappear - my avatar next to the post and mainly the button to create your post. This issue only happens when you comment on a post, not when you're creating a new one.

3) Not a big deal, but if you post screenshots in here, they don't automatically turn into clickables, you need to rightclick -> open image in a new tab.

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Community (forum) Issues
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6 years 299 days ago
Thank you, noted!