Collision at doorway


Minor issue, but it occurs every time.

I enter a map tile that has reinforced doors at each end.
The door closure is triggered, either by poison gas or an ambush with mobs teleporting in, etc.
I deal sufficient damage to the door I entered through, for the door to 'unlock' and open; to avoid being poisoned or overwhelmed.
Although my character is running through an open doorway, it will get stuck at the tile edge and, I then have to run back in before I can get out of the room.

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Collision at doorway
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7 years 43 days ago

Having watched the stream from earlier this week, I noticed the 2 characters having the same issue when trying to exit gas traps.

7 years 69 days ago

Thanks, can you post a screenshot with the minimap open the next time this happens? Would be much appreciated. We are on it ASAP.

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