Co-op Loading screen bug


Joining missions with friends on co-op results in getting stuck in a loading screen and having to alt+f4 out and reconnect. Still with the same result of not being able to join with them. Trying to get some feedback on why I can't play missions with my friends. Any help would be nice! Enjoy the game a ton, just want to be able to play with friends. 

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Co-op Loading screen bug
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339 days ago
Do you use the coop console or do you use the chat to inviite? There was a bug where a player need to alt+f4 in the loading screen who is not the host. Everyone should be able to connect then as well as the reloading person. Anyway good that you say that there is still a coop bug :).
339 days ago
My friends and I aren't even getting that far, we keep getting matchmaking unavailable messages
339 days ago
What's the chat invite command?

338 days ago

Rightclick on the name of the person in activated chat ;). Or /invite Nameoftheperson /invite "name of the person" (if there is a space in the name). Should work afaik ^^, at least the first thing. Oh and don't mind, people are used to a random "+" in the all chat ;).

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