Close comat vs Ranged


Close combat seems to be weaker than ranged combat, this is making progression slower on my cc toons than my ranged ones

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Close comat vs Ranged
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7 years 6 days ago

I tend to prefer Power Sword/Suppression Shield as my primary weapon set with a Heavy Bolter as my secondary for those moments when I have to fall back and take cover. I've built my skills up to soak damage though, I imagine you can go either way.

6 years 362 days ago
Chapter of One

I tried using the shield, but it just insn't resilient enough, I dont have many skill points yet so that might be the problem.  But it would be nice to use the twin swords from the assasin.  Those are just too weak and don't do enough damage to the cc walkers.  I am being forced to use the autogun on that toon to deal with everything.  I just find the attack skills a bit lacking at the moment.