Circle strafing melee strategy


So I have found that against Dreadnoughts or any large enemy circle strafing while hitting them is a very effective strategy, but my question is whether it is intended or not? 

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Circle strafing melee strategy
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5 years 272 days ago

But you can hit while moving. 

  • Equip power hammer/sword/axe 
  • Ensure keys are bound to movement up/down/left/right
  • Find Dreadnought 
  • Move around Dreadnought with movement keys
  • Click(don't hold) mouse on Dreadnought to attack while moving in circles around it

This is very effect against Dreadnoughts because they cannot use their melee attacks against you while you are behind them.  Also note that this doesn't work with the chain sword because of how it locks you in place. The movement keys are paramount to being able to do this and it feels very smooth. Though it clearly gives a big advantage to melee skills that can be used while moving,. Which makes weapons like Sword/shield more offensive than Great-sword, because  great-sword #4 cannot be cast while moving.

Please note that I like the way this combat works. One of the things I disliked about Diablo and many other ARPGs is that you get locked in place whenever you attack in melee. That is stupid when and enemy is fleeing and you have to stop to swing.

5 years 272 days ago
What do you mean by circle strafing? You still can't shoot or hit while moving.

(except the one ability for the bolter)

My strategy is to place 2 turrents in the door so the Dreadnaugh is attacking them while I'm melting it with supressed fire. Or the 2 handed hammer is very effective against it.