Cinematic audio missing


Besides the overview cutscene for the game having its audio slightly out of sync I've realized that none of the cutscenes in clues have audio. I figured this was normal until I read the clues and they mentioned hearing conversations in the video. Everything else has been running fine in the game, is this a known bug or is my game just messing with me?

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Cinematic audio missing
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3 years 182 days ago
same by me,specially by german audio and translations,sometimes there is no german subtitles. in many cutscences there is just no audio and rnd subs ger or eng. would be nice if u guys can check this and fix it,cuz for the story i think its rly important.
3 years 182 days ago
Same, got a cutscene and audio was nowhere to be found. Good thing I still had subtitles randomly on.
3 years 183 days ago
I've had a couple of issues where narration would cut out randomly, specifically in mission 4 of the first chapter. My guess is it's just a bug. 

I've read various posts saying there should be a patch in the next day or so that will more than likely address a lot of issues.