Checking on the game after a long time


Hi all.

First off am greatly impressed this game still getting updates and fixes.

Thumbs up that a new class is coming, impressive. 

Also great that the seasons are still going for those who enjoy that sort of content even it's not my cup of tea, I can see why people enjoy it.

On the other side, I haven't been playing this game like 2 years now. 

Logged in, did a crusade and everything just as the same as before.

I was hoping that you dear devs would sneak in some update in the past 2 years that progress the content forward outside the seasons. 

I was hoping for some more heroic deeds for example, for like skill points, attribute points etc.

As I already unlocked all 135 of them years ago, and starting a seasonal char to start that over again is not that appalling. 

But then how about new enemies  like the necrons, slanesh demons with the emperors children or tzeentch demons with the thousand sons?

Maybe a bit more quest line would be appreciated perhaps with a lvl cap increase.

Anyways it's just my rumbling. 

Thumbs up to keep this game alive. 

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Checking on the game after a long time
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139 days ago
Thanks for the answer. 

All my point was, I would love to see more content in general apart from seasonal stuff.

Like I said, more heroic deeds for example would much appreciated (apart from the class only which the sorarita will have).

142 days ago

More Seasons ca be expected later on as well but we also felt that a separate fresh thing would be cool too, that is why we add the Sororitas class later this year. As for what comes after is not something I can share just yet but we will continue patching the game even after the mentioned future contents.

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