Cheating Death? Does this work? [PS4]


I have 13/50 on cheating death in deeds as well as to unlock damage over time. I have been playing multiple chars to see what I'd like to play and ended up choosing psyker. 

Now I've been shooting so many skulls with my psyker and still stuck at 13/50. Getting frustrating. Now going back to all my old characters to figure out how I managed 13/50 early on.

Am I doing something wrong? I kill skulls before they activate. What more should I do? Is this bugged on psyker in ps4?

EDIT:  Played with different character classes and with different weapons. Killed multiple skulls without activating traps. No progress. I'm stuck now unable to unlock Damage over time skill tree 

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Cheating Death? Does this work? [PS4]
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243 days ago
Kind of late, but having pulled my hair out from accomplishing this, the servo skulls do not contribute to this achievement in my experience. The only sure fire ways are to find trapped chests, gas trap rooms and occassionally finding turret traps, the latter of which being finnicky. This is one of the least appealing parts of the game and something I'd highly suggest they remove or rework as completing the achievement is exceedingly tedious and unfun.
1 year 71 days ago
Thank you! Activating and killing skulls seems to be the case. All the reddit or posts here I read didn't mention about activating first
1 year 71 days ago

On PC the achievment counts "activated" traps, not "disarmed". So my guess is you have to activate them, even if you can see and avoid/disarm them. (Shooting the skulls is diarming/disabling them)

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