Charybdis Outpost Mission rewards missing after completion of mission, if there is rewards?


So I just paid the 5.35 USD for this DLC off of the xbox store, found the mission after restarting the game with the astropath, completed all missions attached to this DLC as it now shows up as completed, but no helmet reward, and before you say check the extras console, already checked and all it has is No helmet and default as the only 2 options.  restarted game and still no helmet, what gives?

Maybe Im wrong, but the streamer Airsick Hydra stated that you get a helmet from this dlc and shows it on his youtube video.  

The helmet was the only reason I paid another 5.35 on top of the Imperium edition price tag, as the whole dlc took less than 2-3 hrs and didn't even give 1 item at a higher level to raiser my power level, nor was it enough experience to even raise my level even 1.

So my question is: was this suppose to have a helmet reward, and if so where is mine?

Thank you.

Inquisitor Huneycutt

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1 year 112 days ago
That video is for the mind plague dlc.... shows it right at the beginning of the YouTube video. You can't watch videos for the pc version of the game and expect it to be the same for consoles.
1 year 112 days ago
Darth Plagueis

would you please also send an email to [email protected]?

1 year 112 days ago
I’ve also purchased from Xbox store and no reward after completing.

I’m going to continue to purchase your Dlc’s.

I would appreciate a response as I too didn’t receive the helm on completing the DLC I purchase.

1 year 112 days ago

would you please send an email to [email protected]? We will do our best to assist you in the matter!