Charecter gone


Yesterday i finished the main story campaign after defeating the great unclean one with my infiltrator assassin Mistress Gimp  and everything was fine today the charecter is gone pleas help 

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Charecter gone
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59 days ago
As we see you have 4 characters, all of them being almost on the same level. 2 Crusaders, 1 Psyker and 1 Assassin. Which one got missing? 

We assume none of them just you cannot see one of them on your end. The recent server problems are not yet solved so it can be the culprit. We will try to handle the problem shortly. Until then please play with your other characters.
Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

60 days ago
My charecter is still gone and my ps4 account is GhostOfDrol

60 days ago
Could you tell us the following:

- whether your character is still gone
- you are playing on PC or console
- the name of your account
We will check on your account to see what happened.
There was a server-related problem during the weekend which affected some players but our backend provider started to work on this 2 days ago.