Characters stuck


Hi there my characters are stuck after doing missions. I cant return to the spaceship to talk to the captain. 

My PSN Id = Nisom


Playing on PS5

Using characters Brought over from ps4 saves. 

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Characters stuck
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21 days ago
Hi there,

The character Lucy Shooty is stuck in the charkov system screen in chernobog system. I cannot go back to the command bridge to continue with the quest line. The option is greyed out and won't let me do it. I also cannot use cabal, social and glory screens from the pinwheel like I used to. 

There is no mission to choose from so I cannot continue that way. 

The same problem with character Danklin. I use the navigation wheel but option to go to command bridge is greyed out and won't let me back on the ship. Again cabal, social and glory are also no longer working. 

Tarkus is same as above. Won't let me back on command bridge. Cabal, social and glory greyed out. 

The character psychic psy is working properly but that because I've only started playing him after the problem with lucy shooty started. 

Hope this helps and is enough info

21 days ago
As I see you have 4 characters. Which ones got stuck and exactly what issues did they run into?