Characters movenments


Is any one else having problems with their characters movements being very jerky when in game maps, in the season of the warp??

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Characters movenments
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158 days ago
I can't edit a reply it seems but I just wanted to add that this issue seems relatively new. At least to me.

At first I thought I was imagining things but yesterday this was quite problematic. Without the aether blade it would've been impossible for me to finish missions because I couldn't remain mobile during fights otherwise.

I guess I first noticed this somewhere last week. I didn't think about at first because it seems the character flinches a bit, like walking into something and then continues and it didn't occur frequently. However this has now increased both in frequency and duration. Instead of just flinching, the character seems to hit a wall and simply can not continue walking in the same direction.

It seems moving away from the spot and walking around it resolves the issue (it seems like the character is actually hitting an invisible obstacle).

This problem is not always present. It happens (at random it seems) in certain spots in missions after which movement becomes problematic. You might encounter it not all, just once or an entire mission as far as I've experienced.

At the command bridge after returning there from a mission, my spyker now always has difficulties leaving the spot where he spawns. He moves a bit in jerks and suddenly after moving a bit he can walk normally again. This also only seems to trigger in or around the big round circle at the command brigde.

158 days ago
Yes, mine too.

I have a Psyker and without the aether blade mobility skill it would sometimes even be impossible to move.

Not only in missions though, it also happens at the bridge and I need to swirl the controller joystick around to get the character to move again.