Character names


Naming a character have like a zero impact now. Chars feel alienated, since they all just are called Snakefist (well, not all of them, but most of the players do this).

Will we have any use of char names, ever?

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Character names
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6 years 311 days ago

Humor is strong with you... Wait, it's not. Do you think each proposition should be answered with unfunny remark, or just this one? You can also see it on character choosing screen, so your valuable post isn't even complete.

But I posted to say that there is more of us liking character names being meaningful, and that Emperor would like each of His faitful children to be addressed by a name. Inquisitors are so much more than account names, oh so much more!

6 years 312 days ago

This is a legitimate question.

6 years 314 days ago

Well, at the end of an investigation your Inquisitor is addressed by name ;-)