Character loading error


Hi! Recently while I was playing I had troubles with my connection and to fix them I decided to restart the game and now my seasonal character doesn't load, other characters load fine tho

I was more than halfway through the season, is it possible to save my character or I need to create a new one and start over now?

Also my apoligies in advance, I firstly posted this on steam forums and I can close it once I start getting help there

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Character loading error
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263 days ago
Huge thanks, my problem has been fixed!

Now i can continue with my crusader and enjoy the season as well as the game.

267 days ago
I asked an update about your issue, our colleagues will likely to deal with the problem by the end of this week. Sorry for taking this long.
268 days ago

Hi again, I'v been waiting almost 2 weeks and periodically loging in game to see if problem was fixed but it wasnt yet.

I'm aware that im not the only one with certain problems and its quite long queue of fixes, but I'm starting to worry that season will end before my problem will get fixed.

Maybe i could provide some useful info for you to help fix it faster? The long wait makes me kinda anxious but I would appreciate any response because it will mean that you haven't forgotten about me, thanks in advance.

P.S. I know I could just create another character and reach same level in those days but I really want to continue exactly this one.

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276 days ago
Noted, we will check this. Please do NOT delete your character we can fix the problem.