Character hopping and Vendor


I cannot recall this being highlighted before, so I will just throw it out there; not game breaking.

Having 3 characters I can  if I wish, jump from one to the other and, on each swap find a new selection of items available at the vendor. Passing items from one character to another is obviously easy by using the chest.

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Character hopping and Vendor
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7 years 27 days ago

As much as i feel and understand this is (for all intensive purposes working as intended) it definitely needs a change in such that i have found myself resetting the vendor (at least 10-15 times after every few missions run) to check if she has any Blueprints for sale as all green bp's she sells are actually purple artificer crafted items.

Jumping from the char select screen back to the player base checking the vendor for bp's, buy if she has, quit and repeat if she doesn't. Using this method i gain 1-3 bp's per 10-20 resets and is one of the only ways i have gained artificer blueprints for my account.

Doing this i have amassed many more buildable artificer items than i have received from missions. I do however have to break down any purple items i gain from missions to be able to craft these though so it does not detract too much from actual gameplay.

Maybe take away her ability to sell you artificer bp's. Unless the Green Bp's she sells are not intended to be of Artificer rank as i do member he selling different MK versions of Green (rare) items before patch 0.2.1 however since then all Bp's i have gained are purple (artificer) items even if the bp itself is green.

Food for thought.

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7 years 41 days ago
Yeah, I think that we'll have no problem for this as of now, but I'm gonna write this up just to be safe. Thanks for the feedback!
7 years 41 days ago

Don't even need several chars. Just exiting to char select and reentering does this too...

7 years 41 days ago

I honestly thought this was intended. In a heavily loot based game like any ARPG tends to be, this is really common.