Character Customization


Will the game eventually have character customization as an available feature? I'm talking about being able to alter the appearance of a character beyond armor, even if it's only as minimal as gender.

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Character Customization
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7 years 126 days ago

Yeah the ability to customise gender, skin tone, hair and markings/scars would be desirable. Also helmets and hoods.

7 years 125 days ago
Sooth Sayer
Yeah, likewise. I can only hope that that will become available at some point.
7 years 126 days ago
I fully assume so. In not only via armor and trinkets, I do expect them to have female inquisitors as well. I'd be very surprised if they decided not to add them in.
7 years 126 days ago

+1 from me. As a role-playing game there should be a least some basic customizations for your character besides armor. When you create your character it should be at least gender and face (maybe with some minor changes to it, like hair / eye colour, tattoos. Nothing fancy, just essential stuff