Character Customization



I just want to say, this game is great so far.
I just have one thing regarding this game that I couldn't see in the Road Map.

I hope that this game won't be like the Diablo Series where you can't customize your character's appearance.
I really hope that you can at least change skin color, eye color and hair color on your character in order to make your character more personal and more "like your own".

I wouldn't cry if some more appearance features would show up like hair styles, facial hair and tattoos.
Even thou all characters will most likely be behind armor... not showing the helm with you preferred appearance would be epic!
Like most Inquisitors and/or special characters in WH40K.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Character Customization
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7 years 96 days ago

I'm hoping there will be some special armours that  substantially alter your characters appearance later like Kasrkin carapace armour or Catachan muscle torsos.  For the psyker I'd like a range of looks from space marine librarians to blind Astra telepathica. 

Bodysuit wearing Callidus assasins or robe/body paint wearing death cult assassins.

Not a dealbreaker, but it would be great to get some more extreme makeovers like this available later for the roleplayers among us.

7 years 96 days ago
Character customization will be there, in depth. Prepare!
7 years 97 days ago

Things  like facial tattoos, Armor tints or outright coloring is  defiantly   a plus but that farther down the road once  everything is all  fixed up an the bugs are gone.