Chapter 4.6 Flavius Draken impossible


Hi there,

i tried the mission roughly +-10 times, about 12 minutes per run: spent about 2hours trying to get through this mission.

But Flavius Draken keeps on dying and the mission fails all over again.

He is not generating health. Best try was in the last wave (3/3) with 98 / 4000 health when he died at last.

I'm really enjoying the game so far, but this is just crazy hard.  

Level 25 Crusader, 663 powerlevel.

There was a post on steam i found: with same issue, where someone from Neocore answered that you are looking into this issue.

Please fix Flavius Draken health - for "non hardcore" gamers. My campaign progression is stuck and I really would like to experience the whole story !


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Chapter 4.6 Flavius Draken impossible
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195 days ago
Flavius Draken's hp got a boost by 1000 and got a health regen as well. This change will be implemented into the game with the next patch! 
197 days ago

Finally did it.

Patience and preparation helped me to accomplish my holy order :)

1.) Raised power level to >670 which gives roughly 35% more damage and less damage taken.

2.) Cleared the whole level before talking to Flavius. Important note: get the additional soldiers after clearing the whole area and before talking to flavius, they die to quickly as well but provide good fire support later on.

3.) I placed the mines to the right (looking away from Flavius) and the turrets on the left side.

During the fight stay around in the middle and try to draw damage to your character. Flavius will stay in the back. Once he gets taunted by any mob, better kill everything very fast otherwise he'll stay in the fight and dies. That was my primary issue.


Anyway this is a tough mission :)

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197 days ago

Thanks for your comments. That's what i currently do, doing some mission, gain level and powerlevel, try different weapons. 

Issue is less my actual gearlevel, it is more or less that Flavius Draken is dying very quickly. 

If he would stay in the back i wouldn't mind either but he has too few hitpoints to deal with the mess :)

198 days ago

Or haven't you arrived at the bridge yet maybe? Don't remember when. I had some problems at the beginning before I managed to place mines and turrents correctly.

198 days ago

The campaign can be difficult to run in one go. You may need to run missions manually from the command bridge so you can upgrade your weapons and equipment. Play mission with powerlevel equal or up to 80% more than yourself.

Then try again on the campaign assignment.