Chapter 2 bug



I'm stuck on the martyr chapter 2 clue 4/5 

There is no new quests to complete 

PSN:. Notio05

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Chapter 2 bug
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4 days ago
OK I think my account name is:

The M-man

I think it's linked to my email address 

[email protected] 

but I'll be honest i may have accidentally created more than one account. 

4 days ago
This is still broken......
5 days ago

Steam User name or one that's in game?

I think it's TheMman but I'll have to confirm. 

I know my Assassin character is called Mary Sue

This comment was edited 5 days ago by TheMman
5 days ago
Could you please give us your account name? That would helpful in finding your account on our end. 
5 days ago
Got the same issue with my Assassin character.

Steam name: mman13

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance 

6 days ago
Noted, expect a fix soon!