Chaos Undivided?


So is Chaos Undiveded considered Side-quests?

A 2nd Campaign or how is it?

Should I do it along the Main Campaign or save it for later?


PLEASE Don't spoil anything thank you:-)

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Chaos Undivided?
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2 years 62 days ago

Its a mini-campaign.

(Story)content lile this is what we can expect for the seasons. Small mini campaigns with morality choices and some audio/dialog stuff.

This is also the story that will lead into the directions of the warzones. Together with the next few events.

As a tip if you like the story but dont read through everything. You should really read the last cogitator of this Priority Assignement.

2 years 62 days ago
Way I understand it, the main story campaign is the one around the Martyr, which is done when you've played through those chapters.

Chaos Undivided on the other hand should be the Season 1 story arc that will eventually be continued in the upcoming seasons, since the dev promised us continuing story missions and not just generic procgen grinding -- so it really doesn't matter when you do what, but their power ratings, i.e. challenge levels should quite naturally incentivize you to switch between both story arcs every now and again.

I.e. you'll quickly come to a point, if you don't extreme-grind, where the main story arc will jump to like 450 or something and you'd still be in the lower 300s, while the Season story arc has a mission just around your current Power Rating.