Chaos engine bug


In some mission I`ve had a recurring bug making me unable to complete the mission. Some chaos engines when they are about to die just freeze and become unable to interact with and kill. This makes purge and hunt missions unable to complete. This does not happen every time, but i have tried to complete the same mission over again twice now and it happened the same way both times. Also just happened with the same kind of chaos engine in a purge mission i just did. 

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Chaos engine bug
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6 years 321 days ago

Update, this just happens on my laptop which i run on "low" video settings. On my stationary PC i dont see this issue. Dont know if this helps isolate the problem.

6 years 321 days ago

Its empty yes and stays empty. After i kill it it stays there doing nothing. I cannot interact with it with my chain sword on single target attacks, but i can hit it with aoe chain sword attack. I can bring the bottom health bard all the way down but it doesnt die. 

6 years 322 days ago

The lower bar shows the armor or shield, the top bar shows the hit points.

But is the top bar really empty? You may not be able to see whether or not a single point is left.

Can you go to the options menu and activate that hit points are shown on enemies, and then try again, just to see whether or not the chaos engine is really at zero hit points?

6 years 322 days ago

Happens all the time now. Every other chaos engine i come across fails to die and just stands there doing nothing. The premium quest requires me to kill some engines and i cant complete it cause it bugs out every time. Apparently i can target them with aoe attacks, and if i summon a turret it attacks them. The lowermost of their healthbar goes down again to 0 but they still dont die. The top bar is empty.

6 years 322 days ago

In my situation i was using a chainsword and shield.

6 years 323 days ago

I've encountered this... Some additional details regarding the time I saw it...  I was fighting a Nurgle dreadnaught Using a weapon (I believe it was a heavy flamer)  that reduced the red bar faster than the blue...  I believe I ran around him for a sec, or about long enough to start 'healing' the bluebar....  My last hit took the red bar off/killed him, but he did not die... I could attack and bring down his blue bar... (Now to 0, but with programming you never know.. maybe it's a super small float decimal) In any case he wouldn't die.. I could walk away, it would refill.. bring it down to 0, and he wouldn't attack... he just wouldn't die either... Nurgle blessed that dreadnaught lol... for golly it was tough... ;) Thanks