Hey guys, I’ve been playing since martyr first launched on consoles and while I do still enjoy the game, it does still leave me feeling... let’s just say unfulfilled. I also used to collect the 40k figures and paint them. Which leads me to my first question, why is it every bloody time a good 40k game comes out we have to be the “good guys”. If I had my way I would be tear assing through the sector as a khorne berserker chopping everyone up in sight. I know the game is called Inquisitor, but I don’t suppose there’s any chance you guys would go, you know what.. xxxx it, and bring out some chaos classes with a story. Or even just a cosmetic thing to hide the fact I’m an emperor loving sissy with an ego the size of a star system. And where are my chain axes? Why can’t I duel wield two chain weapons on my crusader? Anyway I’ve had my rant and feel a little better voicing my complaints about never getting to play the bad guys, good work on the game so far guys. Blood for the Blood God!!

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1 year 13 days ago
Brother Kundari
Agreed :) afaik, some xeno races serve as informaters and cannonfodders for Inquisition (cannot recall which races sorry). Need to reread some lore I guess XD
1 year 13 days ago
Well, because it would be a very odd and very weird thing to play in a game called and which is about Inquisition/Inquisitor, you suddenly run aroiund like a Khorne Berserker or something for instance. Or a Nurgle Plague Guard for that matter.

But the thing you say about adding other Races & Classes that will be a sure thing to come. You are having many Classes and certainly Races working within and for the Inquisition.

1 year 13 days ago
Why play the bad guys? Because every 40k game I play besides the dawn of war series is all imperial. I’d just love to play chaos with this sort of Diablo theme with weapons and armour to pick up. And I agree they have done a great job with this game, hopefully in the future they will add other races and classes.
1 year 13 days ago

Because I'm not allowed to make World of Warhammer 40.000 and Dark Millenium got canceled ^^

In my game you even could play Tyranids and Tau - 3 Different Classes for each Faction ^^

1 year 13 days ago

Heresy !!! Why play the bad guys, when the good guys are so badass in the first place ??! Let's face it, the Imperium of Mankind is the ultimate refuge for xenophobics, atheists hatred, religion integrists and fanatics !

More seriously, there are no really good guys in W40K (for obvious reasons I listed above) but I get your point, it'd be a nice change of pace to play other races/culture :D

Still I'd like to compliment NeoCoreGames, as it's refreshing to play a "simple" human for once and not a goddamn Astartes again. Not that I don't love them, but hey, the Imperium of Man is so diverse, it'd be a shame not to try something else sometimes ^^


The Wiwitcheur

1 year 14 days ago

thank you for sharing your feedback on the game. We will take them into consideration for the future!