[solved] change weapons (2h - 2x1h) does not work


I am not able to equip a two handed weapon after i used two one handed weapons. I´ve got this issue after my old 2h-weapon disappeared from my inventory and i changed the loadout to two one handed weapons. Now i can´t equip any two handed weapon in this weapon slot, while changing the single hand weapons to other single hand weapons works fine. 

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[solved] change weapons (2h - 2x1h) does not work
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7 years 120 days ago
It works now. Maybe the restart fixed it or the patch or both, anyway, it works now and i can´t reproduce this bug anymore. 
7 years 120 days ago
Oh dude, I had the same problem. Did you try right clicking two hand weapons that are in your inventory while your two hand load out is showing on your char ? That worked for me. It's the click and drag that wasn't working.
7 years 120 days ago

Hey buddy

Always check the known issues thread first:


This issue was reported a while back and is being looked into :) I've found relogging SOMETIMES fixes the problem - otherwise dual guns is actually pretty good as you get the speed increase (so heavies can move through the maps faster)