Captain Van Wynter is bugged


I can't get her dialogueto reset i did the mission through the fire and flames 3 times because it poped up did ot the first time everything was good saw the missions again and thought ok thats werid so i did them the second time and Van Wynter got bugged and i can no longer talk to her or access her shop please help fix i really like this game.

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Captain Van Wynter is bugged
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2 years 257 days ago

please check on your progress, there should be no problem with it now! 

2 years 258 days ago
Yep exactly the same problem here did the missions twice, got to the point where you have to talk to van wynter, says the same mission brief every time I load into the command bridge then can’t interact with the store please fix 

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2 years 258 days ago
Same problem here ps4 qhungryzombieq char boss guts chopa this bug has been in game for years devs never fix it 
2 years 259 days ago

Tengo el mismo problema desde hace 3 días tengo el juego para abandonado

2 years 263 days ago
yeah I've got the same problem at a different point in game. I've alreade beaten the campaign but now she is stuck in a mission briefing conversation after which I can't talk to her anymore.

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2 years 264 days ago

they shoildnt sell the game until this is fixed

every day there a 2-4 more posts with the ragna bug

2 years 264 days ago
Another Van Wynter bug... At a different quesline this time.

Ragna should be removed from quest dialogue, really. 

Should a staff member see this, I beg you: Fix Ragna, for all you uphold as holy.