Can't send mail/message using a controller on PC


I simply can't seem to send mail using a controller. 

I have to use the keyboard to type the name of my friend, which I haven't got a problem with. However it refuses to send (it stays greyed out) without a subject, but when I try to add a subject it simply adds all character typed there, to the Send to box (at the end of my friend's name).

Disabling the controller does fix the issue but seeing as that forces me to go back to the menu (twice to then enable the controller again) it's rather annoying.

In the example here I typed name while selecting the Send to box, Subject while selecting the subject box and Text while having the message body selected.

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Can't send mail/message using a controller on PC
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1 year 66 days ago
Thanks for reporting the issue, we will check on this problem in the coming period.