Cant Progress PS4


After completing the chapter 4 mission where you control the shadowblade i retuned to the ship to get the next objective only to find that i have no objective, nobody to talk to, nothing. I am wondering how i fix this, i have tried going on a different mission, restarting the game and the last thing i have yet to try is to make a new character yet i cant even do that as i get a message that i have too many characters when i have only the 2. The mission is through the fire and flames for clarification

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Cant Progress PS4
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2 years 277 days ago
The problem has been resolved and everything is back to normal, thank-you for being quick
2 years 278 days ago


we made some changes on our backend yesterday, please check if the fixes resolved your progress problem. Further fixes are to be expected shortly! Our apologize for the inconvenience!

2 years 279 days ago
Dont bother trying to do any fixes or waste any of your time.  The newest "fix" broke the entire game.  You will not progress at all in every area of the entire game including the first mission now and trying to even create a new character.  All while they remain silent enjoying their weekend.  Sorry to have to tell you that.  Look at many of the threads here and you will see