Can't progress mainline quest


I was playing the Grim harvest questline and completed the final part when i got disconnected and now after logging in it says the questline is not completed and i need to finish the final part but the puprle indicator for the mission has disappeared from the starmap and i cannot access the mission again or progress the questline.

I’m playing on the PS4 username Naram69

Character is Crusader named Maximus.


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Can't progress mainline quest
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11 days ago
This comment was deleted 11 days ago by Marcopolocs
16 days ago

Update: the grim harvest mission was fixed and i successfuly completed it.

thanks Marco and the dev team.

17 days ago
Thanks for the response. Really looking forward to play the game again and a solution to my problems. 
17 days ago
There was a problem with the active questline, this has been corrected since your report. Additionally your stuck in the Grim Harvest investigation got forwarded to our developers, they will check it as soon as possible. Your patience is kindly asked in the following period.
17 days ago
I can’t find it anywhere,

Not from my star map nor from my investigation but it still shows the investigation progress bar on the right. With no access for missions any where.

18 days ago
can you not find the mission in your star map

or in your investigation? idk about consoles so this might be some bug or another.

18 days ago
Update: i lost access to the Martyr questline also, i was on the start of chapter 4. And when i loggen in today the purple mission indicator disappeared and can’t access it from anywhere.
18 days ago
An update to the situation, i also lost the Martyr campaign purple indicator upon logging in today i was at the start of chapter 4 .

So now i lost all of the main questlines and  can’t progress the game.