can't even log in to the game on steam


Can't log in through steam there is a blink of a screen with text: is running... but nothing happens... i tried reinstall the game but again nothing happens..   good delivery Neocore...

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can't even log in to the game on steam
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2 years 140 days ago
Support did great Work, quick response and the Problem was solved. thx
2 years 141 days ago

Then please write a detailed email (ticket) to the support team - [email protected] They might ask some information like you location for e.g. They will help you fix the issue. 

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2 years 141 days ago
didn´t work for me
2 years 141 days ago
still cannot log in too

all other steam games run fine but martyr

it´s not the firewall, already shut her off

i also re-installed the game with no result

i also cleared the reg keys

give me a solution or my money back please

2 years 141 days ago

Possible solutions for connection errors (most likely will only work outside of Russia):

1. Try creating a new Windows admin user and try to login to the game. Sometimes admin account credentials get screwed up and this messes up games.

2. Delete the game's reg keys at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NeoCore Games\Warhammer Martyr\

3. Open an admin cmd, type netsh winsock reset and hit Enter

4. while there, type ipconfig /release (your net will go away) and then ipconfig /renew (it will come back), then ipconfig /flushdns

5. Disable proxies. Press Win + R keys. Type “inetcpl.cpl” and hit Enter.In Internet Properties, select Connections tab. Select Never dial a connection if you see it (somewhere below “Choose Settings if you need…”). Then click on LAN settings. Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN. If it is already unchecked, select Automatically detect settings.Click on OK all the way out.

6. Restore your default hosts file. (original looks like this:

2 years 141 days ago

Up, same problem here

2 years 142 days ago
Check your .net Framework version.  I had a similar issue.  Once I upgraded to .net 4.7.2 I was able to launch
2 years 142 days ago
2 years 142 days ago

Due to the unexpectedly high amount players, our backend system may experience some delay or issues in the following hours. We are working on increased capacity and performance as we speak.

2 years 142 days ago

this halped 

I had the same problem, and I have, I believe, solved it.

1) I tried running the game through the "warhammer_x64_11.exe" in the game's folder - that gave me the error message, that the file "d3dcompiler_47.dll" is missing.

2) That same folder has a file "d3dcompiler_46.dll" - so, I copied that one and renamed to the required "d3dcompiler_47.dll", and placed it into the game's folder.

2 years 142 days ago
I just had the game turn black with the cursor still visible when entering a missing,

had to restart the game ...connecting,  no connect, no info. -.-

Also, That moving flame pillar from psyker did not despawn after 20 seconds when I used it, it actually did not despawn at all!
Now I just hope the probably related bug that made the crusaders turrets not-despawn forever is not still there,
otherwise it would be STILL IMPOSSIBLE to use more than 3-5 turrets in a mission until you have 3 permanent turrets and you can not cast any new ones due to bad game logic design wtf. ;-;