Can't create new account


Hi there,

i did create my neocore account for van helsing final cut some time ago, bought the game a second time and wanted to create a second account for my gf today to be able to play co-op. Unfortunately, the first try to create an account ingame failed due to 'network error'. As i said, it was the very first creation attempt which failed immediately.

Nevertheless i tried creating an account on the website. When i fill the form and want to create the new profile, there seems to be no real reaction when pressing the button to complete my creation request. I receive no confirmation of the account being created at the web form, nor an verification email.

I tried disabling my Malwarebytes protection software as well as disabling ad blocker. I tried chrome, edge and firefox, with same results. I also tried to create an account using another gmail adress, same result.


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Can't create new account
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2 years 276 days ago
I apologize, I commented on the wrong post!
2 years 277 days ago
Apparently even though the website allows for special characters in the password, the game itself doesn't.  I decided to change my password to just alphanumeric (I have 2-Step Auth, hopefully this is secure enough), and I was able to login to the game.
3 years 44 days ago

i was able to create the account using the website yesterday, thank you :)


3 years 44 days ago

Could you please tell us whether the issue is still present? We averted the technical problem, there should be no problem with the registration process now.
@NENISHIO‍ please try to create a new account when you have some time. This time it should be good. Thanks for your patience in the last couple of days.

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3 years 45 days ago
I'm having this same issue trying to create an account except sometimes I get the email is invalid result and sometimes nothing happens when I press create account like the op.  Any updates on this issue?
3 years 45 days ago
Allright, thank you for the update!
3 years 45 days ago

there is an ongoing technical issue on our end and because of that creating a new account is not possible at the moment. We started to work on the issue yesterday and we will likely to handle it by the end of the day.
Your patience is kindly asked until then.

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