Can't continue mission - big bug


Just started Chapeter 4: Main Quest: The First Wave. (Van Helsing: Final Cut) I've killed every enemy I can find, and all that is left are the constantly spawning helicopter bots, but the game will not proceed past the first wave. I've wandered the entire map for hours now looking for a lone straggler somewhere with no luck. Now I'm just standing in the circle letting Katarina kill bots, hoping it'll time out or something... The game is officially over for me if it doesn't proceed, and I'm a bit bummed to have spent so much time on a game and character i can no longer play/continue the story with.

Very frustrating! I'm playing online, so I don't even have a save file I can access to try and tweak in some way.

Please help! I was quite enjoying the game until this happened.


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Can't continue mission - big bug
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1 year 101 days ago
This game is buggy as hell... after this, my game started screwing up saving my character for co-op play (as in it sometimes saved it, sometimes lost hours of gameplay), then an escort mission was almost unfinishable because the person I'm escorting gets stuck (took an hour for us to let the enemy to kill enough soldiers to clear a path), inventory keeps resetting etc.

The HUGE issue here is the online game saves. I'm not sure this game was ready for deployment, when something as critical as saving your character and progress is as messed up as this has been for me! This is why most games with an online save STILL save a local file (and do a comparison on load in case one is glitched).

All in all it's a fun game, but losing one character entirely (stuck in an unfinishable mission), and then losing hours of gameplay TIME AND AGAIN with another, has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Is any of this being fixed? Especially something as critical as online saves!?!?