Cant clear levels part 2


So it feels like every time that I turn Martyr on there's a new bug or problem and that every time that I come to the site I moan again.

This time is no different.

played again today and thought I'd do a couple of Tarot missions and it was 5 times in a row that it was kill everything and 5 times in a row 1 ENEMY WAS BUGGED OUT WHICH MEANT THAT I COULDNT CLEAR THE LEVEL!!!

So my question is, when's the next update out and WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET THE FULL GAME!!!

Are there any plans to fix these bugs soon because I've had enough of the bollocks and bugs now and just want to play the full game.

Sorry for moaning again.

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Cant clear levels part 2
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6 years 73 days ago
I've had that too and also fallen through the floor a couple of times.

I've tried AOE, grenades and barrages and nothing shifts them, they just stand there and still have the red dot on the map and still count as enemies.

6 years 74 days ago

The FULL GAME was announced yesterday as being released on the 11th of May for all platforms.

Just on the odd chance though that there's been a communication breakdown. You won't ever see the full game before the release date. 

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6 years 74 days ago

Try an AOE untargeted skill I have had mobs drop below floor level that blats them

6 years 78 days ago
I have encountered this same problem multiple times and I agree with the OP.