Cannot walk normally with mouse


Please help!

When I log in to command bridge, I found my character cannot walk anymore. 

Click on the ground doesn't make him move.

I can click on NPCs on command bridge, and make my character walk to them though.

I cannot click at starmap、void crusade、and stasis chamber. Mouse icon changed when I move mouse onto them, showing I cannot choose them.

I changed the character, restarted the game, then restarted my computer, won't help it. The system of my PC is Windows 10.

I remember I did nothing special, but shifted the language setting between English and Chinese several times, used the forging system, took some psalm codes out of stasis chamber, then put them back.

I wonder if there's any way to fix this issue, I'm rather reluctant to re-download the game, and I doubt I could be facing the same problem even after I do that...

Thanks for your help!

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Cannot walk normally with mouse
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2 years 148 days ago
Problem solved ! I reset the settings to default and now its all normal.