Cannot re-roll relic enchant value


Hi guys, I found a nice Archeotech Relic Signum, but I can't re-roll the value of the relic enchant.

Can you tell me if the next patch will fix this issue?

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Cannot re-roll relic enchant value
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2 years 100 days ago

normal relic

I have just found another relic Innoculator also with 3 Resilience (max is 4, based on the crafting UI).

Agfain I tried 10x reroll its 3 value to get 4 and no way. I dont want to waste more money and crafting mats for that until I know it is not bug

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2 years 100 days ago
Was it a relic or an archeotech item?
2 years 101 days ago
Can you also check rerolling stat values for other items ? 

I was trying to reroll relic Innoculator (lvl 80, item after 2.0 patch) Resilience (Psyker) value. The actual value is 3 and the Modification UI said possibilities 3-4. I tried like 40+ attemps and it did not change. It consumes material and credits every time I try it. I dont think this is about bad luck, it looks more like a bug. Thanks
2 years 103 days ago

@TREECARGARAGE‍  was the relic bought from the vault dlc? It happened to me twice now to be unable to re-roll values for the bought relics instead just the money/items were removed

2 years 104 days ago

Thank you for the report, we will look into this and correct it if necessary!