Cannot Play the Game After Registering Account.


Bought Inquisitor complete edition off of steam yesterday and it seemed to be working fine, until I noticed that it didn't register any of the DLC as playable or still needing to be unlocked. So I registered an account with you guys, and now I can't even play the game. MY character can't select the starmap or storage or anything character related. He can interact with the store, but that is it. I can't play the game and it still won't register that the DLC had been paid for already. It still mentions from ingame that the email verification email has been sent, but not verified, even though it already has.

Ingame name is Ozzmonster. Character name is Anubis Cabrakan.

I just want to play the game. If I can't then I at least want my money back. Otherwise I feel ripped-off.

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Cannot Play the Game After Registering Account.
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50 days ago

So the issue was an option in the menu. The Disable Movement by Mouse Cursor. I don't know why that disables the mouse from interacting with everything else save the store, but that's what it does. I don't know if that's a bug or not, but it sure felt like one. DLC's work, now that I can play the game again.

51 days ago
This problem persists with new characters as well. I am running only the Martyr application and it does nothing to resolve the issues.
51 days ago
Well, now the game confirms that the email has been verified, but I still can't actually play the game. The other problems I've written about still persist. I have uninstalled and deleted all known files for this game from the system and then reinstalled, but it the problems still persist. It was running fine at first, save for the fact that it wouldn't register the fact I had bought the DLC's. That is why I even bothered to register an account, thinking it might resolve the problem. Now I can't play the game. This is not only unacceptable, but just incompetent.

If I knew I was going to flush my money down the toilet like this, I would have spent the money on a meal instead. I would have had at least gotten a pizza for my trouble before passing it down the porcelain.

51 days ago

We replied to your direct message please check on it when you will have some time.

@ARKSTANT‍ can you please tell me your account name? We would like to check on it.

51 days ago
yeah me to! i bought the complete edition, the game still say i must verified the account, but i done it