Cannot access Stash, Psychic Library, or Star Map on Command Bridge


After a recent update to 2.7.0, I can no longer select the Stash, the Psychic Library, or the Star Map on the Command Bridge Screen. All three locations are highlighted when cursor moves over them, though the cursor turns into the one that indicates an Invalid Selection. I cannot click on the Stash to open it. I cannot click on the Psychic Library to change the psychic powers I have slotted on the character. And, I cannot click to open the Star Map to change my location or initiate any new missions. I do have the ability, as a work around for the latter, to open what missions I have on my journal and start them that way, but I do not believe it shows all available missions, particularly the more random ones, or ones that start a new mission chain.

All other locations on the Bridge can be selected to open up the interaction screens for those (Mechanicus for crafting/altering items, Rogue Trader for the Marketplace, Medicae for modifying the Innoculator, etc)

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Cannot access Stash, Psychic Library, or Star Map on Command Bridge
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20 days ago
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1 year 178 days ago
New Symptom:

Created a new character, playing tutorial mission. First room with goal to explore the room. Item on wall near door activated with green exclamation point to indicate target to advance the mission. Similar behavior as the indicated items above: cannot interact. Cursor has the red circle icon with slash through it to indicate not a valid action. Cannot click on item to advance scenario/mission.

1 year 183 days ago
My Account Name is the same: SivarTechie.

I have just recently linked the game account to my Neocore account here.

1 year 183 days ago
Could you tell me your in-game account name? We will have a look at the problem on our end.