Can Morality be reset to change sides?


I initially chose Radical when I first started playin this character and chose incorrectly for a crusader. Can I reset and build up Puritan?

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Can Morality be reset to change sides?
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114 days ago
Thanks for that. I was thinking along those lines: of the impact it would have. There were only 2 points I wanted - +10 % Dagon various races at the bottom of the tree but with all my gear and enchants it amounts to just another slot choice on my gear
115 days ago

You can't reset it.

Technically, you could run priority missions over and over, hoping to get the plot choices that offer a morality option (usually 15 or 25 points in one direction), but these are not guaranteed, and they're time-gated. It's a *long* slog.

So that's the bad news: you're kinda stuck there unless you want a long grind. The good news is that there really isn't an "incorrect" choice, including crusader. Sure, you might've chosen differently if you did it again, but the difference it will make in an optimized build is very low. Gear, sockets, perks, and passives will all have far more effect on things than morality (including morality items---which are generally lackluster in their current state).

Take my opinions as just that---opinions---but you're definitely not crippling your character by choosing one morality or the other.