Can i log in please (PS4) Something went wrong when contacting neocore servers.


Every morning since Sunday I've been unable to log into neocore servers. It's really disappointing that when I finally make time to play some games it doesn't work! (6/2/2019-6/5/2019)

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360 days ago

I'm not sure how you meant 'official statement' as we announced on our social platforms that we are working on the matter and we also replied every thread here as well. 

We cannot predict how long it will take but we will try to deal with the problem within the next 24 hours !

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360 days ago

I appreciate that you are working on the problem, but I find it odd that the game has been unplayable since Sunday and yet there has been no noffical statement. 

Did you think people would not care or notice or have you only just recently found out yourselves?

I'm not sure which scenario I find more worrying.

Any indication as to how long it will take would be nice; are we talking hours, days or weeks?

360 days ago
Thank you for the quick response.
360 days ago

we along with Sony are working on the connection issue, restoring it in the shortest time possible! Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.