Campain's mision disapeared with my crusader



I am french,  and 3 days ago when i wanted To continu my mission campain i canot find it on the space map, or with the R2 button. The mission is " find the traitor flavius draken", and my ID is Syllunis.

What can i do ? Thanks.

( sorry for my english ^^ )

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Campain's mision disapeared with my crusader
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232 days ago
Unfortunately the issue you ran into is a complex one. Our devs started to work on it today but it will take a couple of days to entirely resolve the problem. 

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

232 days ago
Have you got some news about our problem ?  
234 days ago

It's for my crusader  Jesus Nazaretus.

234 days ago
@SYLLUNIS‍ you got 4 characters. Which one got stuck?

@VAGITARIAN‍ please give us some time, handling this issue will take a day or two.

235 days ago
Hi. I'm having the same problem with only my tech-adept. My campaign missions are gone. Not on the starmap and nothing when I press R2. My other characters it still works.