Campaign Co-op?


Is it possible to co-op the campaign? That's what my friends and I really want to do, just wondering if its possible to do it in the beta? If not, is there a work-around or cheat so we can play together through the story? (don't really care if it makes it too easy, we just want to have fun, and grinding missions is kinda lame and repetitive).

Thanks for any answers / help!

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Campaign Co-op?
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5 years 119 days ago
Okey - thank you for clarifying that HeavyMetalMan.

5 years 119 days ago
Sorry about the negative -1! Should be plus. I agree. Came for me as a surprise I could not play campaign in co-op. Will it in version 1.0? 
5 years 119 days ago
You can COOP any content except Story Missions.

I have not tested Assignments in the most recent patches but it was practically possible to COOP, but only the Host gets progress towards their Assignments (don't know for sure if that has changed)

Everything else you can COOP,... Tarot Missions(both player have to pay Fate, which is a good thing otherwise palying Tarot COOP would be too good because you have a lot more Fate with multiple Players)

You also can do COOP before finishing the Story , you do not have to "unlock" COOP. But at certain milestones in the Story you unlock certain things like Crafter, Inculator Modification etc. And playing the Story is the most efficient and fastest way to gain exp and fate early.

We do not have any Informations about Warzones but i guess it will be also playable COOP, because that is the "Endgame" and it makes no sense if that would be solo content. But we will have to wait and see what Warzones are exactly and how they work(especially in COOP)

Getting to Rank 50 is that not big of a deal, i heavily depend on how you play the game but i guess 1-3 Weeks will be the average(some people will be even faster and some of the more casual player will probably need like 4-6 weeks)

Also another very cool thing about COOP is that you can play with any1 regardless of Power Rating range together, the Power Rating Modifier(the -XY% dmg dealt and +XY% dmg taken) will apply to the whole group depending on the difficulty for the Party Leader that chooses the mission. So it's possible to play with literally every1 together (surely Rank 1 and Rank 50 is a huge difference because of Perks, Skill Points, Attribute Points and a more fleshed out builds but still a very nice thing to effectivly play together with friend that might bought the game later of are a bit behind with progress)

5 years 119 days ago
Some questions about the COOP ...

1: We have to complete the story campaign solo right and get Rank 50 before COOP makes sense?

2: How much time does it take to get to Rank 50?

3: Last night I unlocked MULTIPLAYER after an hour of gaming( PC Early access). So does that mean I can coop with my friends on Tarot misssions only or how is it?

4: Any links to info about the Coop options would rock

Thank you guys:-)

5 years 119 days ago
What about Couch coop on consoles? No Infos about how it works on ps4? 
5 years 120 days ago
Yes exactly, that would be another problem you come across with those decision making, i guess there are several solutions that "could" be implemented to solve that problem but as i said, the devs clearly stated that they don't have the intend to have the "main campaign" a co-op experience.
5 years 120 days ago
If you played it together with a friend, some revelations toward the end of what we have in the beta might seem very illogical, because the two of you cannot be the same person, obviously.

And I have no idea how the game reacts if the two of you decide differently on the Puritan/Radical decision...

5 years 120 days ago
I understand the frustration of some people, but the devs pointed that out why they are doing this.

And even if you dislike it to a certain degree it should be understandable.

And lets be honest, i think the devs said some time ago that the singleplayer campaign is about 20 Hour(i don't know if that has changed dramatically since then) and as soon as you are finished with the campaign then the "real" game starts evolving

Depending on how hardcore or casual you are playing the game, the campaign will be just a small part of the time you  are playing this game.

Don't let the game down because of some minor designdecisions the devs made (as i said earlier, the reason the devs mentioned were pretty convincing)

In the end when you reach the "endgame" you will have enough time playing together with your friend or other people.

5 years 120 days ago

pffff. if the campaign is solo then i'll enjoy the physical goodies and maybe when I am bored -don't count on it-  I might play it. I was under the assumption that you could coop all content in the game. ah well. I find new games.  bummer. 

5 years 127 days ago
Campaign is single player only. Everything else (greater part of the game) you can play coop. 
5 years 127 days ago

iirc, no, one big thing a friend of mine who brought me here complained about

idk if it would make sense to play the campaign from the beginning as co-op, but after the first few missions, it shouldn't really be a problem

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