Campaign Chapter 3 Challange Level


 I started the Campaign with the new Psyker class. The difficulty balancing seemed OK even if there where some instant death rooms. For example a gas trap with 4 teleporters, swarming demons and an unwelcome warp anomaly. All in all I kept my char mostly alive. But now I'm facing a ridiculous challenge rating of 560 for the next Chapter Mission. I don't know if this a bug or intended. But if it is seriously intended that means a lot of boring demotivating grinding, as my psyker's rate is just about 170. 

Has someone else a similar spike in the challenge rating?

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Campaign Chapter 3 Challange Level
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6 years 158 days ago

I bet that is intended as they do not want people to play through it all and then forget about the game.

That said, I REALLY hope that when the game launches that level is slightly lower or easier to get to. Then again, the whole game is about leveling, so maybe it will be easier to level by launch?

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6 years 158 days ago

Yes i have this issue also.  

Got to a point in the campaign but couldn't get 1 item during a mission in Chapter 2 "Hunt for the Martyr" 


I proceed through the rest of the mission killing the Large Daemon Host at the end, then i am prompted to my next mission Craft an Uther's Tarot  upon completion leads me to this... Chaos Undivided quest.


I think this a bug so make another Tarot card mission and hunt for the Martyr as asked to do, after which the game seems to have skipped an entire "Rescue Tech-Priest mission" as he is just on my bridge now no mission needed to get him just crafted 2 tarots without running them. Then was prompted to Chapter 3 of the campaign to the mission as follows.


Difficulty and quest order may well be correct however just have to rank up etc. Still i feel i missed a few or at least 1 mission in the questline too.

6 years 158 days ago
I had the same "issue" but some of this can be bridged by a couple of missions with ~200 challenge rating granting rank XP. Either find them on the star map or look for little blue squares above the mission panel on the ship (like the ones that let You switch through daily challenges) and pick the other one. After those the gap is still pretty big, but it gives about two ranks and it's manageable to reach a power rating of 250 to 300 then.